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We provide the most popular file formats so you can place your logo on anything!

Create a brand experience that your clients will remember forever. The Jumbo Design Solution is our most extensive package in which logozuu will partner with you over a three-month period to deliver an array of material for your burgeoning enterprise. We work together to create a marketing plan that focusses or your goals then identify the deliverables to reach your targets. We’ll help you become the largest beast wherever you roam.

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Jumbo Package

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Jumbo Design Solution

Price: $5,997.00

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What you get

Video Call Consultancy

An integral part of the comprehensive Jumbo Logo Package, the video call will provide an opportunity to introduce ourselves and discuss our working relationship over the next three months.

The discussion will focus on your design and marketing goals so we can map out a solution that will most effectively reach your targets.


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Marketing Plan

logozuu will create a clear marketing plan that will outline the steps and delivery mechanisms that will help you reach your success targets.

Once we care clear on this pathway, the most appropriate print or digital collateral will reveal itself.

Each step will be evaluated to assess how we are tracking and what adjustments we may need to make.

What your package could include

Unlimited Logo Concepts

We’ll deliver unlimited distinct logo concepts that reflect your brand values and business sector, based on what we have ascertained in the marketing plan.

Plus logozuu provides unlimited revisions until we get the logo exactly as you want it.

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Business Stationery

Now that you have the logo you want, it’s time to get it out to the people you meet. Our business stationery suite includes Business Cards, Letterhead and Follower, Envelopes and With Compliments Slips.

Plus we can even organise the printing for you with no Print Management fee for the duration of the deal.

eCommerce Website

logozuu can build an eCommerce site that comprises of eight pages that helps your prospects understand your business offerings and expertise, including a blog template. We will create a clean, simple, and well-functioning site that can be updated easily.

Additionally, we will create an eCommerce portal with additional functionality to supercharge your sales and promotions (Additional monthly service fees apply for regular amendments and services).

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Digital/Print Ad Suite

Your marketing plan might point towards a targeted ad campaign to service a product launch or marketing initiative.

logozuu can build an integrated ad campaign for both digital rollout and/or traditional print form that can also serve as social media cover art.

Catalogs, eBooks, or Slides

We might discover that the best solution for your goals is a catalog, ebook, or sales presentation.

Let us help develop the perfect 16-page promotional tool via a printed brochure, digital ebook for download, or a comprehensive presentation for your sales team.

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Exhibition & Display

Your brand and promotional activities always benefit from graphic support in the form of display or environment graphics.

We can help you produce the most impactful design solutions for any trade show or exhibition or if you need to apply your logo to signage on your store or office.

Management & Maintenance

As part of this design solutions package, logozuu offers free print management AND 1-year FREE website maintenance usually worth USD$100 per month.

Along with these services, you will receive FREE Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Data Analytics if you choose to incorporate a website into your solutions package.


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Brand Merchandise

Want your brand all over the logo kingdom for every critter to see? We can help put your logo on any item you desire. Let us know what ideas you have and we’ll hop, leap and fly onto it right away.

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Contact Us to organise your brand merchandise!