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Brendan Connelly, Senior Designer

A Graphic Designer with over 30 years of experience as a freelancer, art director, and business owner.

September 20, 2021

In the realm of building a world-class online business, an important step that can be valuable is gaining high authority. Many customers put their trust and spending towards businesses they feel genuinely confident in – and this confidence is earned by having a high level of authority in your industry. How do build brand authority through online means and business tools? Here are techniques and practices you can utilize to help build your authority as a business.

Deliver on Valuable Content

While creating consistent content is one part of the equation to build authority, having original material can further help you in your long-term success as well. Look at niche topics that you or your team has clear expertise in and deliver unique, original, and valuable content that potential customers can access. By contributing to a niche area with information only found on your website, then consumers will look to you more as a resource and point of authority on that topic. Use your best writers and researchers to invest in your content and build credibility around it. You can also collect your own data using surveys and local questionnaires, which can easily be generated online.

Ensuring you use the best writers. and researchers at your disposal will help build credibility in your content.

Provide Trustworthy Knowledge

In addition to generating online content, it is also valuable to brand yourself as a source of trustworthy, consistent information. It is important to not think of content as just having information to display on your website, but also to serve as a go-to resource for customers. When executed consistently and effectively, trustworthy content can be a big boost for your brand. You can start with a collection of articles and resources that your customers can access and you can then promote them with an email or text alert as well as notifications to followers on social media. If you have to do third-party research, then disclose this in your content as well. Think about the most important information that potential customers seek and aim to deliver content that answers their questions.

Capitalize on Media Exposure

Great authority is further elevated by high-level media exposure and visibility. If you are marketing a product, then make it a priority to get good online press and media coverage for it. When a product is actually featured by another source separate from the company, consumers see more credibility in it, which adds to your brand authority. Customers place more emphasis on media coverage outside of the company because it is perceived as an unbiased promotion and endorsement from trusted third-party sources.

If you are marketing a product, then make it a priority to get good online press and media coverage for it.

Connect with Great Influencers

Building online authority and authentic building can also be easier with help from online influencers. These social media personalities can work as an additional marketing platform and generate increased credibility towards your brand and products. In addition, your business gets an organic boost by having an influencer that genuinely values your products and can communicate their enthusiasm to their followers. By choosing the right influencers who have credibility in your business category and market, you can create a good foundation for building organic brand authority.

Connecting with reputable online influencers is a quick and inexpensive way to gain valuable brand exposure.

Great authority not only requires the investment in work, but also an approach based on genuinely interacting with your audience with objectivity and transparency. These conditions and approaches work well to help customers trust your brand and build authority around your content. As you continue to grow and market your business, consider the aforementioned principles in helping you add more authority behind your content and interaction with customers.

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