Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a good logo?

Branding is the essential touchpoint between your business and its customer base. It’s the first aspect with which any prospective client will connect, evaluate and distinguish from competitors.

When creating a brand for yourself or your business the key component is to ensure that it reflects the values and characteristics of your business.

These four should be at the forefront of your thinking:

Clear: Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. The less complicated your logo is, the more it stands apart from the noise around it.

Applicable: Your audience is looking for what you have to offer so ensure that your logo reflects your industry or offering accurately and eludes to it cleverly.

Remarkable: Creating a logo that follows a trend or looks generic pulls your brand back to the crowd. Creating a unique mark will get you noticed and demonstrates that you can think differently and effectively.

Functional: You may not realize it at the beginning of the project but you will no doubt encounter situations that need your logo to be flexible. Logozuu also ensures that a logo can stand up as a black and white mono variation to cover the most basic needs and can also work in a number of orientations like vertical or horizontal.

Is a slogan or tagline helpful?

Often you will notice a slogan attached to a brand to provide more nuance or clarity to its broad message. Some brands stay with the same slogan over time whilst others use it as a marketing opportunity to update their message to capture a new audience or change with the times.

In any case, a good slogan, also known as a tagline or strapline can enhance a  logo and help further distinguish your brand from others. A simple three-word slogan is often best and avoid being too clever where the joke may only be apparent to those already in the know.

How do I explain what I want?

After you buy a package or project from logozuu, we will provide you with our simple six-step creative brief.

In this document, you will be asked questions pertaining to your business and branding and marketing requirements.

The more information you give us the better our concepts will be but don’t g. t stuck thinking about things too much since you are usually in need of a quick turnaround. Fill out whatever you can and send it on to us with any relevant links or content that you will find helpful or necessary including designs that you like or admire.

What if I don’t like what you provide me?

It’s natural to feel anxious about the design process. so we want you to know from the outset that if you don’t like what we are producing for your logo then we will return your money back no questions asked.

We also design the logo first in any package service and only proceed to the next item once you sign the logo approval form.

Check out our money-back guarantee in our terms of service.

Why do I need to pay upfront?

Our package deals are curated to offer a range of projects and services for a highly competitive price. You are paying an inherently discounted rate by committing to an upfront payment.

It’s also important that we get your commitment upfront as that tends to get our clients into the right mindset to engage in the design process.

Our Logo Projects, Logo Packages, and Design Solutions all have a money-back guarantee to help reduce the risk.

Other project types such as individual brochures or websites are more complicated and use up more resources so we charge these through invoices via progress payments.

If you have any doubts or queries we are more than happy to chat with you via our chatbox or email.